The REGULATIONS of Zsóry Thermal Bath and Outdoor Pool Complex apply to the entire area. 

HÁZIREND KIEGÉSZÍTÉS a COVID-19 világjárvány miatt, érvényes 2022.03.08-tól visszavonásig.


By means of purchasing the admisson, the visitors at the spa recognize that they are bound by the provisions of these regulations. Solely the guests are responsible for becoming acquainted with and understanding of rules and provisions that are laid down in this document.

The entry to the bath takes place on the basis of ’first come first served’. Previous notification of groups, the physically handicapped/disabled persons and pregnant women (individuals belonging to these latter two groups must certify their state authentically upon request) may be exempted from this rule and the bath reserves the right of deciding by themselves on the authenticity of the shown certificate of the priority holder.

Every visitor may use the services of the bath only on his/her own responsibility with having the knowledge of his/her state of health.

Persons suffering from an infectious disease or skin-disease may not use the spa and the pools.

Children below the age of 10 years may enter the territory of the bath only if they are under the guidance of their parent or an appointed adult. A group of children may only be let in the territory of the bath if they are accompanied by an appropriate amount of guardians who are in charge of them as set down in law.

Children under the age of 14 years may not visit the thermal bath.

Drunken person is not allowed to stay on the territory of the bath (with special regard to the therapeutic establishment and the sauna world section) and the utilization of a service by him/her is prohibited.

If the visitor contaminates the water of the pool intentionally or carelessly and therefore the pool has to be closed, respectively its water must be drained or the pool must be disinfected, then the visitor must pay these costs and moreover a compensation for the loss of income resulting from the failure to use the pool as well as for other damage.

We take no responsibility for objects, valuables etc. that are dropped into the pool. We do not undertake to take apart, control etc. the outflow pipes or pipe systems for this reason.

Zsóry Thermal Bath and Outdoor Pool Complex may claim compensation for damages on persons who cause damage to the fixtures and fittings (equipments and accessories) or to the plants in the park voluntarily or by negligence.

The personnel who is on service duty on the territory of the bath is entitled to the defence rights afforded to public officials.

Please remove all the obstacles from the escape routes, emergency exits, fireplugs etc.

On the area of the bath the risk for slipping up (wet floor) is high, the use of bathing slippers is recommended for our guests.