The Sauna World reopen from 14. October 2023.
The Sauna World can be used without basic entrance ticket, only with Sauna World ticket!

Recharge yourself with the aromatic and melodic infusions, take care of your skin during the programs!
Afternoon sauna programs for relaxation at the end of the day:

Sauna ceremonies are provided free of charge for guests who buy tickets to the Sauna World.
You can ask the sauna master about the types of infusions available on a daily basis.

WHY offer relaxation the wellness area?

  • Because the wide range of saunas help you forget the daily problems.
  • Because the ice fountain and the plunge pool guarantee refreshment after using the sauna.
  • Because the walk on the stones of therapeutic pool contribute to refreshment.
  • Because the using of whirpool make complete the regeneration.

Forget your daily problems at the brand new sauna world of Zsóry Bath! In addition to the traditional finnish sauna and steam cabin, the bath features an organic sauna, an infrared sauna, an aromatic cabin and a salt cabin. The ice cascade and the plunge pool guarantee refreshment after using the sauna. Achieve perfect regeneration by using the whirlpool and the medicinal pool.



The bio sauna (also known as light sauna) offers perfect relaxation with pleasant meditation music and temperature (40-55°C). The humidity of the sauna varies between 45% and 55%.

1.    red: to promote heart health
2.    yellow: to relieve tension and to activate gland activity
3.    green: calming and positive effects and to promote balance and harmony
4.    blue: to relieve hypertension

Heliotherapy stimulates the activity of the vegetative nervous system and the metabolism.


The sauna is a room made of resin-free pine wood heated to 80-110 °C by heating volcanic rock with approximately 10% humidity. Because of the warm air, the temperature of the body increases, resulting in the expansion of the blood vessels, decreasing the blood pressure. The cold plunge pool or shower has the reverse effect: the blood vessels shrink and the blood pressure increases. This kind of pumping effect improves the circulation. It is recommended in case of locomotor diseases and obstinate catarrhs requiring the improvement of blood supply. Upon using the sauna, the condition of the skin significantly improves: flexibility increases, the purification of the upper epidermis improves and the sebaceous glands empty. Moreover, it significantly contributes to the robustness and condition of the body. Its use is not recommended in the case of heart disease. Do not spend more than 10-15 minutes in the sauna at one time, and this should be repeated 3 or 4 times. The dynamic changes of temperature strain the body, thus it is not recommended to use sauna more than 2-3 times a week.


Sweat with a good, pleasant and comfortable feeling in the infrared sauna at a temperature of 40-50°C . Among the methods today known, this is the only one creating the holistic healing fever effect in a natural way. The heat cabin performs the cleaning of the tissues and relieves the “dumping grounds” of the body from the acid excreta. The pains and rheumatic problems caused by accumulation decrease or even disappear. Regimen-based or regular use of the infrared heat cabin along with proactive nutrition guarantees the strengthening of our immune system and the recovery and improvement of your health, robustness and physical condition.

During a treatment lasting 30-40 minutes as much as 6 to 800 kcal could be burnt: it is equivalent to running 15 km. The lost liquid can be replaced by drinking water without taking in the burnt off calories again.


Even the ancient Greeks sweated in it. Its temperature is 45 °C and the humidity of the air is 100%. It relaxes the body perfectly, adds a healthy blush to the skin and cleans the respiratory system. With the use of the cabin, asthma, rheumatism, hoarseness, muscular pains and certain cardiovascular troubles can be treated. Because of the heat, the pores enlarge and purify, thus the skin is filled with moisture. Moreover it enhances relaxation and refreshment.



The aromatic cabin in the wellness area provides revitalization not only for the body but also for the soul. This method has been used for thousands of years. In the past, herbal and flower oils have been used and administered by inhalation, adding to bath or massage. Owing to it manifold uses, free of side effects, aromatic therapy has been applied in a many cases ranging from menstruation complaints through stomach diseases to locomotor diseases. Usage also influences the limbic system, i.e. the world of emotions. Aromatic cabins may feature different humidity and temperature figures. Essential oil particles suspended in the air, inhaled and absorbed via skin pores, bring relaxation for body and soul. The beneficial effect is widely known. In case of locomotor diseases, the comprehensive positive effect is achieved by a combined manual application and massage. On inhalation, certain essential oils provide for respiratory regeneration, relieve breathing, and relax the body. Usage is recommended for all ages. There is no definite duration of stay at the aromatic cabin. Stay as long as the cabin provides relaxation, you feel good and the atmosphere affords diversion.


Salt evaporating in the chamber not only has external effects, imparting soft skin but also internal ones, alleviating inflammation of body tissues.
The special microclimate heals and eliminates respiratory diseases (including asthma, infectious asthma, allergic infectious asthma, acute and asthmatic bronchitis, tonsillitis and relapsing tonsillitis, emphysema, respiratory disorders, rachitis, chest deformation or post-lung surgery treatment). It restores physiological characteristics and the microflora of the respiratory organs. It strengthens the immune system of the body and improves endurance.


The wellness area accommodates the therapeutic pool, chilling and stabilizing circulation system and preventing development of varicose veins.

The pool consists of two areas each, featuring temperature of 12-18 °C and 38-40 °C.

Proper regimen: 4 or 5 times, with giant strides.
If you wish to relax after the cure, finish the sequence with hot water. If you subsequently wish to enter the sauna, finish with cold water.

ICE Fountain

The ice fountain produces ice pellets. Form the ice pellets into a ball and rub your body to invigorate blood circulation.


The jets in the spa provide for a gentle body massage and invigorate circulation. The water temperature usually measures 34-36 °C.


The Sauna World can be used without basic entrance ticket, only with Sauna World ticket!